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N-95 (FFP2)
Face Masks


Easy to use, comfortably worn N95 (FFP2) face mask. This product does not disturb your skin at all. These masks provides you comfortable breathing in daily use, does not disturb or sweat. Inside mask there is an antiallergic structure with ultrasonic stitching. Air permeable. Made from non-woven fabric. The tire is laced and it has a practical usage. No latex material is used in production. It can be manufactured with or without valves. Contact for technical information.

3Ply Melt-Blown
Medical Masks


The surgical mask is also applied as a patient mask. Thanks to thin metal in the nose section, it helps adjust the face appearance by adjusting from the nose. It is ideal for hospitals, service market use and domestic use cases. Raw material is 100% Polypropylene (PP) Non-woven interlining fabric. It contains fiberglass and latex. It does not cause hairiness and irritation. It is ultrasonically stitched. Hypoallergenic.



It is hygienic and hypoallergenic. Washable and reusable. Soft cotton fabric allows you to breathe easily. It does not make rash and redness. Masks are not medical masks and cannot be used for surgical purposes. It is suitable to use in public areas for adults. There is a wide range of soft cotton fabric type and color options for mass productions. It can be manufactured for kids as well.

Medical Gows

What Your Hospital Needs

Made of 40 Gram / 52 Gram m2 SS Spun-bond medical fabric. It has a length of 120 cm and a width of 160 cm. The neck part has a connecting rod, and the cuffs are 3 wire knitted rubber. It has a water repellent feature. It is a laminated fabric. There is a belt bound at the waist. Overlock stitched. The stitches are pretty sturdy. Our products are individually packaged. It is a non-sterile and disposable medical textile product.

PPE Suits

What Your Team Needs

Non-woven disposable protective overalls are made with microporous lamination fabric. The premium microporous fabric offers an outstanding barrier against a wide range of chemical fluids, blood, body fluid and infective agents. It is protective against pesticides. The fabric allows for water vapor transmission, offering breathability to make the user comfortable. Reduces the risk of fiber contamination to the work environment.

Visor Fluid Shields

Transparent & Protective

This product is also good for personal use. The face is protected from possible microbes, small objects, etc. It is not a medical product. Suitable for all users. PVC visor is for high permeability. Does not mist after long-term use cases, does not affect breath comfort. It has flexible unbreakable 200 micron PVC film. It is light, does not tire the neck and head at all. It can be easily cleaned with soap and alcohol.


Medical Bonnets

Quality Guaranteed

The product is produced from non-woven fabric with a single stitch. It has air permeability feature. It is disposable and hygienic. It is used in hospitals, clinics, dentists, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, kindergardens, food and food producers and wherever a healthy environment should occur.

Medical Shoe Covers

For All Your Medical Needs

The raw material is interlining. It is ultrasonic stitched and durable in 8 to 10 micron thickness. It is produced according to the latest technology production principles with its structure and non-slip feature that can adapt to the shoe that

the shoe covers are worn on.


Shoe covers are used in hospitals, clinics, dentists, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, kindergartens, food producers and wherever a healthy environment should occur.

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