N-95 (FFP2) Face Masks

N-95 (FFP2) Yüz Maskeleri

N-95 (FFP2)

Easy to use, comfortably worn N95 (FFP2) face mask. This product does not disturb your skin at all.

N-95 (FFP2)



These masks provides you comfortable breathing in daily use, does not disturb or sweat. Inside mask there is an antiallergic structure with ultrasonic stitching. Air permeable. Made from non-woven fabric. The tire is laced and it has a practical usage. No latex material is used in production. It can be manufactured with or without valves. Contact for technical information.

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  3. Katman 25g/M2 Melt-Blown Fabric

  4. Katman 50g/M2 Nano Line Non-Woven Fabric

  5. Katman 30g/M2 Spunbond Fabric

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