Personal Protective

Equipment (PPE)


What is Personal

Protective Equipment?

Gloves, Aprons, Masks, Goggles, Face guards, etc. It is Personal Protective Equipment that includes equipment.

Healthcare workers who provide health and care services to patients in various infectious diseases, especially coronavirus; protection of health against diseases that carry the risk of transmission through blood, body essences, contact and breathing; are various preservatives that help prevent healthcare-associated infections and cross-contamination and ensure the proper use of protective materials for the safety of healthcare workers.

In healthcare, healthcare personnel are faced with many dangers and risks, including biological, physical, ergonomic, chemical and psycho-social, in line with their duties. These; exposure to various chemical factors, infectious diseases, sharp injuries, physical verbal violence, stress, extreme heat, extreme cold, long working hours, noisy environment, poor lighting, insufficient ventilation,
It consists of risk factors such as.

All these dangers and the lack of Personal Protective Equipment cause healthcare workers to decrease their performance at work, increase occupational accidents and negatively affect the safety of employees.


How to Choose the Suitable SKPE?

Proper SKPE (Health Personnel Protective Equipment) selection requires at least as much importance as protective equipment, a misused SKPE will bring more harm than good.

  • Contact type and duration

  • CMB's availability and time of availability

  • Ideal dimensions.


Proper Use of Personal Protective Equipment

Proper use and removal order of Personal Protective Equipment is important for both the health of the user and the health of the patient.

The order to wear Personal Protective Equipment should be as follows.

  1. Apron

  2. Mask

  3. Glasses-Face protection.

  4. Glove

The Personal Protective Equipment removal order should be as follows.

  1. Glove

  2. Goggles-Face protector

  3. Apron

  4. Mask

How Should the PPE Be Appropriate After Use?

  • If only gloves are used, it can be thrown away in the patient room.

  • If full SPKE is used, it should be disposed of in a garbage outside the patient's room.

  • The mask should be removed after the room door is closed and a new mask should be worn.


Personal Protective Equipment Products and Usage Purposes

Apron : Purpose of use (isolation, surgical operations)

Mask : To protect against blood and body epidemics and to protect the patient.

Glasses-Face Protector : It is used against the possibility of body fluids, secretions, extracts, blood and tissue splashes during surgical interventions.

Gloves : It is used to prevent hand contact problems before surgical procedures or when there are situations that may harbor germs.

Protective Equipment Used in Hospital Services

  • Masks, FFP2, N95, KN95, 3 Layer Medical Masks

  • Goggles,

  • Glove,

  • Protective apron,

  • Hand sanitizer and solutions

  • Liquid soap,

  • Paper towel.